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Welcome to EzDiaTech Inc.

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“Give concerns, Take health!”

“Please, give us your concerns about your health, take healthy life from us”

About EzDiaTech Inc.
EzDiaTech Inc. was established on the 25th of July in 2016. The company develops and manufactures an innovative POCT system and a novel cell imaging assay system in South Korea.

Our Mission
Founding principles of EzDiaTech lnc. are “Think to open”, “Decide to challenge”, and “Act to serve”.
We would like offer the services that contribute to human health with innovative in vitro diagnostic solutions to overcome clinical problems.

Our Strategy
We improve public health and create a new blue market by developing innovative POCT platforms and novel diagnostic systems based on convergence technologies.

Innovative POCT platform
1. Quick and one step process.
- The machine running time is less than 30 min for a result with one step sample loading.
2. Accurate and reproducible results.
- A performance similar to those of the enzyme-linked Immunosorbent assay (ELISA), the fluorescence Immunoassay (FIA), and the chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) requiring 3~4 hours running time.
3. Multiplex assay.
- Several disease markers can be quantified at the same time with our unique magnetic particle.
4. All in one system.
- No need extra devices and human labor.
- Lead to a reduction in prices.

Novel diagnostic system based on cell imaging technology
1. Microwell patterned hydrogel made by MEMS technology
- The bottom of hydrogel contains hundreds of micro-size wells.
2. Cell isolation or immobilization technology
- Once culture media or drugs are added, the hydrogel gets swelling, and then live cells can be isolated or immobilized into microwells on the bottom of hydrogel.
3. No need a special device for cell immobilization
4. Applicable for the conventional 96 well plate
- Available for high-throughput cell assay
5. A reduction in prices
- Much cheaper than any other cell imaging device.