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EZ RSMP (Ez Rod Shaped Magnetic Particles)

Unique glass coated magnetic particles


Our magnehtic particles show hundreds of micron rod and they are available for multiplex assays with different lengths of magnetic particles.

  • Shape : The core of EZ RSMP consists of metal (50 ㎛ diameter) and the metal core is coated with 5 ㎛ thick glass, on which antibodies can be immobilized.
  • Function : The EZ RSMPs contain carboxyl functional group. They are applied very well for both immunoassays and molecular assays. The surface uniformity is very high and non-specific binding can be excluded efficiently.
  • Feature : The EZ RSMP show very strong magnetic power. They do not form aggregation but are well dispersed once magnetic force is removed. This feature is helpful for reaction, washing and resulting of the magnetic immunoassay.




Picture of the EZ RSMP