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We provide rapid and accurate results with unique magnetic particles, novel diagnostic processing and ultra-sensitive Fluorescence imaging technologies

Production of Antibody

Production technology of Monoclonal Antibody

Production Technology of Monoclonal Antibody

For accurate diagnosis, screening for highly specific antibodies that do not cause false positives or false negatives is essential. We manufacture monoclonal antibodies by our new immunization/fusion/cloning method that dramatically reduces leading time and enhances the antibody diversity and affinity compared with conventional methods for monoclonal antibody production.
Therefore, we can efficiently manufacture and select antibodies to recognize various epitopes with high specificity and sensitivity to be appled for new diagnostic items quickly.

Lead time of Monoclonal Antibody Production
Conventional method
Method of Ezdiatech Inc.
8~12 weeks
4 weeks
2~4 weeks
2~4 weeks
6~8 weeks
16~24 weeks