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Strip Heater

EZ Strip Heater™

1. Product Information :
 Product Name: STRIP HEATER / Model Name: EZH-001 / Certification No: R-R-eZt-EZH-001 / Power Source: DC 12V

2. Usage : Heating the strip

3. pecification :

Rated input
DC 12V, 3A
Working voltage
DC 12V
Operating current
Operating temperature
55℃ (±5℃)
144mm X 82mm X 90mm
522g ±5g


1. About periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is a fundamental pathogenesis causing chronic inflammation and leading to atherosclerosis-related heart disease (especially myocardial infarction) and ischemic strokes. In addition, periodontal disease can cause low weight birth, preterm birth and rheumatoid arthritis. It was also reported that the type 2 diabetes can develop periodontal disease, and as the periodontal disease is developed , the type 2 diabetes is more worse.



2. Diagnosis of periodontal disease

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